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Add Houston Griffith to the portal list.

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I can't imagine this is about playing time. With Crawford finally moving on, Griffith had to have the inside track for the starting job.


Losing 4* DBs with Alabama and Ohio State offers is rarely a positive.

The 2018 class is not looking to good now. Griffith was the top of that class if I remember correctly.

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im starting to feel like next season will be a mess.


And that's the season with our easiest schedule for a few years to come.

The 2022 and 2023 schedules are a bit more daunting.


2021: https://fbschedules.com/ncaa-2021/team/notre-dame

2022: https://fbschedules.com/ncaa-2022/team/notre-dame

2023: https://fbschedules.com/ncaa-2023/team/notre-dame


That 2018 recruiting class has completely fallen apart. Austin seems to be the last man standing. With Lewis seeming to have passed Bracy on the depth chart, I wonder if Bracy will leave too.

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He got a lot of playing time as a true freshman (but wasn't very good), then completely disappeared. He barely played this year (as a junior) despite almost no depth at his position. Maybe he just isn't very good (or at least not good in ND's system).


Not every Top 100 player will pan out, which is why it is so important to stockpile them, which ND has not been doing...

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also forgetting about Isiah Pryor who transferred in from OSU. People need to stop being melodramatic, every program has transfers. This is hardly a mass exodus.


He is a ROVER not a Safety.


Griffith would have been nice depth or to at least try and challenge for a starting role. No matter what ND needs 3 players to step up, 1 S and 2 CB, for proper depth.

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It seems like Brown was playing a lot more than Griffin, so maybe he just assumed he wasn't going to start again.


Still odd - lots of PT available next year back there.


Never assume anything: you make an *** out of you and me. He should realize that next year the starting job was his for the taking

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