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How valid are polls after bowl season now?

Florida played 11 true freshman on defense against Oklahoma because so many players opted out. They got crushed. Does that mean Oklahoma and their 55 points should move way up the polls?

Auburn lost to Northwestern but had a lot of opt outs.


It seems like players will only all play if they’re in the playoffs.

How can a final poll be meaningful any more?

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It won't matter if UF is #9 or #14 next year. They play a tough schedule combined with the SEC bias they will be in the playoff if they win their league or at least the east and play a close one in the championship game.

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Get rid of human committee and bring back the BCS computers but keep the playoff. Go back to traditional bowls. Keep the bowl conference tie ins or don't, I'm not sure about that, I guess it could be done either way. Final CFP rankings should be done after the major bowls are finished, take the top 4 from those rankings and put them in the playoff and go from there. You won't have players opting out of bowl games if they know they have to win those bowl games to get to the playoff.

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