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****THE Official IRISH vs. BAMA Game Day Thread***

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It’s all gravy.

I’ve been predicting ND as 2020 champions since 2018.

It starts today.

ND 31, Alabama 28.


And IF ND gets blown out?

I’m still so so proud of what ND has accomplished. The administration, players, coaches, student body, housekeeping staff, groundskeeping staff, food service staff, medical staff, travel service, and families have set a new standard for the definition of ‘team’ this year.

Just unfreakingbelievable that any team has travelled, played, and won as many games as ND has in this wildest of years.

Congratulations to each and every one of them.

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Had a dream Wednesday night that Irish were up 25 - 0 at the half and won 25 - 23. Woke up thinking wow that would be some game. Right up until I realized how odd and difficult it would be to achieve either score of 23 or 25.


Bama 49

Irish 17

Seems more realistic unfortunately though.


What a fun season in an otherwise crummy year. On to a new team with a new QB and DC next year.

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Continuing my wildly irrational prediction...

Halftime ND 17, Alabama 14.

End of 3: Alabama 28, ND 17.

Final: ND 31, Alabama 28.


Turnovers play a key role.


I’m an absolute homer, no doubt.


If this actually happened I think I will be in the hospital due to heart failure. 😀😀

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Meh why not? The Cubs won the world series, ND has to lift the curse at some point.


38-37 ND


- Yes I'm from the future.


I feel a game like this but something similar in the 20s is the only chance the Irish have. I don't see ND scoring that much. ND's best bet is keeping the score as low as possible. MUST CONVERT RED ZONE OPPORTUNITIES!!!!!

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