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Kizer vs. Golson vs. Book

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Who has/had the most talent?

1. Kizer

2. Golson

3. Book





But for fun, who do you think would give an ND team the best chance to win on next year's team with the elite WR talent with Johnson + Austin + Lenzy?


I'm not sure tbh. Some may not be very high on Golson but the guy had elite arm talent and decent wheels. Kizer had it all and Book is a pure winner. What say you?

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Good question... this basically sums up the shortcomings of the BK era.


Golson and Kizer both had rockets but were both turnover prone. Kizer also had the best straight line speed but Book might be the quickest and most elusive. Book is the most accurate, although that isn’t saying much. None were great in the pocket and Golson has the quickest release. All 3 have major flaws.


Kizer likely gives us the best chance to win a one off game. Issue is Kizer would have lost another game or two due to his turnovers. Book is the easy choice because he protects the ball and always makes enough plays to beat the teams ND has more talent than.


I still think Kiel would have changed things if he stayed in 2013. Here’s to hoping Buchner is our saviour...

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I still think Kiel would have changed things if he stayed in 2013.


That sort of lends itself to the development issues. How many elite recruits has CBK failed to develop? Crist comes to mind, although I give him a pass for that one. Kiel and Jurkovec for sure though. Golson and Kizer were in the maybe camp. Really.... the only 2 have developed are Rees and Book, and even those are not exactly leaps and bounds. Neither Rees nor Book were elite recruits. Next year is going to be interesting if Book isn't in the mix.

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Kizer easily. Out of the three, Kizer truly only had two years in the system where the others had four. He is also the only guy to be drafted high where both of them will be working regular jobs. That shows you the talent and upside Kizer had over the other two. Also, Kizer’s numbers weren’t terrible. He threw 26 tds vs 9 Int’s in his supposed worst(last) year with ND. The offense looked better and more complete with Kizer. I know I would have a chance with Kizer with Alabama. I feel I have no chance with that with the other two. Golson be use I saw it first hand against Bama. Book I’ve seen four years of. Kizer is still some what of a mystery so I go with him.

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I think its clearly Kizer as well....he has both the NFL arm and the NFL size....thats why he has at least made NFL rosters....


Golson was my favorite...he was fun to watch,,,he had a big arm for a little guy,,he could make all the throws and could extend plays really well....


Golson had two big problems...he got caught up in the KELLY QB indecisive era,,that time where kelly was changing QBs waaay too much,,,,that lasted for a couple of seasons or so....and of course Everetts Achilles heal was the terrible fumbling...that wasnt on kelly it just was a by product of Golson small size i think...but it was a bad issue...a game killer of a problem...


Book i think has the least raw talent and physical attributes of the three, but is clearly better then Rees was,,,and like Rees i think we can say Kelly has gotten all thats possible out of both guys...Book and Rees


As QBs







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