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Probability of ND winning or even playing well is considerably lower than ND losing by a considerable Margin. So I don't know how I feel having to listen to everyone berate ND for the next couple of months that they don't belong, etc. etc.. I feel that the constant berating to come will be worse than not making the playoffs.



One intriguing point is ND will play the number one team twice in one season. Two different teams that is. How many other times has that happened? has anyone ever beaten two number ones in one season?

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Great news we made it, That performance vs NC locked it especially after they clobbered the U, then ranked #10.

Bad news: Alabama is 17.5 point favorite

Keep reciting the fight song:

"What tho the odds be great or small, old Notre Dame will win over all!"

Our Lady of Victories, pray for us!

Notre Dame, Our Mother, pray for us!

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I will be watching. But I am not getting one hope of iota up for this game. We thought the same thing about how Alabama matched up with Nd in 2012. And that didn’t bold well. Bama just runs and mashed people. We have Teo and one of the best defenses that BK has ever fielded. It didn’t matter. We got humiliated. Why am I to expect something different when Alabama’s offense is that much better and their defense will always come to play. I’ll be rooting. But I will be watching this in the basement alone in the dark...so nobody can see me cry.

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