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****THE Official Irish vs Tigers ACC Championship Thread****

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Alright guys! I couldn't wait to get this one up!



Vegas has Clemson as a 10.5 favorite and the O/U is ranging from 59.5 to 61 points.



I'm going with a total "HOMER" pick!



I'm going with the Irish in a one Overtime win in Charlotte!




Irish 38

Tigers 35

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I really want to see ND win this game but what did ESPN have a couple days ago about rematches? 4 out of 5 has the first game loser winning the rematch.


Per Sports Illustrated - The last two times there was a rematch in the ACC the team that won the regular season game also won the title game. (https://www.si.com/college/notredame/football/notre-dame-football-rematch-will-be-a-challenge)


Also, I would expect ESPN to go out of its way to puff up Clemson and talk down ND's chances in this game as it really, really, really does hate ND.


All I'm saying is you can find facts to skew statistics to say anything you want them to say.

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Too many missed opportunities...


I say get Tyree some carries and hope for a homerun.


Yeah can’t miss like they did last time they played and hope for the same result. I think the same plan of stopping the run killing them. Lawrence is picking them apart.

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