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Florida drops just 1 spot after losing to 3 win LSU

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College Playoffs aren't about finding the best team... they're about money. The SEC is a big money draw. End of story.


I’m not sure why so many don’t see this. Create a bubble, call it almighty. Then, when teams lose, restate how tough the mighty bubble is, within and how much more of a testament such games are to the proclamation. In-turn, keep 1 & 2 loss teams of the bubble within reach of a potential playoff, just in case the power team of the bubble trips up, you still have bubble teams ready for insertion.

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College Playoffs aren't about finding the best team... they're about money. The SEC is a big money draw. End of story.


It depends on what we mean when we say “best team.” Because if you put a gun to my head and ask me who the best 4 teams are I’d say in no order Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, Ohio State.


Now if by best we mean “team with the best resume,” the 4 teams probably change, but “best resume” in and of it self is subjective. Does Cincy have a better resume than OSU? I don’t know, but that question is tougher to answer for me than whether or not OSU is a better football team than Cincy.


The problem for me becomes that during any given weekly set of rankings, half of the committees decisions seems to be based off the question of best team and the other half based off best resume, which leads to rankings that don’t seem consistent with themselves.


This year is particularly difficult because I think their is 3 good/great teams that played a full or nearly full schedule: Alabama, ND, Clemson. After that we have a ton of teams of varying talent levels that played varying amounts of games, started at various times and played various strengths of schedule. In a normal year if 2 teams are 10-2 I always lean towards the team with the bigger wins/better SOS. This year OSU is 5-0 with 1 ranked win and Coastal Carolina is 11-0 with 1 ranked win. Normally I’d say OSU played a full power 5 schedule, they OBVIOUSLY get the nod, but here I’m not sure.


On a slight tangent, in 2018 OSU got BLOWN OUT by Purdue week 8 and 2017 Iowa beat OSU by 30 week 9. The fact that OSU is getting the benefit of the doubt that 5-0 = 12-0 in a normal year is bullshit.

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