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2020-21 women’s BB games

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I watched some of the game. Lots of girls just getting back and into the rotation.

We seemed pretty disjointed.


I think there are a lot of good pieces - just need to play together a little.


I agree. There are many good pieces but young and need to learn how to play with each other. Ivy also needs to figure out a good rotation with them.

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I think they started out the year with 4-5 key players out either due to injury or Covid. That being on top of a relatively thin roster number-wise. I believe for the VT game we got Brunelle back, who will likely be our best player, but she is working her way back to game shape.


Haven't followed them too closely but that's the impression I got so far.

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I have not watched any games. How is Ivey as a coach? Is part of the team's struggles due to her learning to be a head coach?



I haven’t been able to really watch any of the games myself. But below is a decent article. Sounds like they have talent and are just going through the growing pains.



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Just watched the first game live. Clemson. Wow. Besides Walker, they look slow, unathletic and out of shape. No ball movement on offense. Slow to the ball on defense. Not one dominating rebounder. They don’t look well coached or talented. Brunelle is fat. I don’t care if she was injured. There’s no way a nutrition program should have let that happen. It’s going to be a very long rebuild. They have nobody like Diggins, Lloyd or Arike. They are going to have to hope Ivey can be a top recruiter, in the sense of getting Freshman that are stars right out of the gate.

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