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[/ame] starts 20 minutes in

Great film from duke getting ready for South Florida.


Coach Scott


Charlie Weis Jr





Glen Spencer DC


Well coached great athletes



Prister: Why not adustments before half


Not just adjustments


Moving from "pin and pull" to outside zone


Not just Adjustments, need experience..


Played alot of players front 7


Need more back 4(DB)


Good energy and ethusiasm on D..


Need better attention to detail


Confidence in Symon and Marist




On Mayer


Still freshman learning curve big potiential


working on blocking...



On Book and Wilkins


In and out situation.. Ben's got most reps but is out this week.


Joe did a great job, needs consistency as a whole



On Mckinley blocking


Very confident in blocking downfield very important


On screen game


new staple of what we do perimeter screen slow screen expect more


On coaching till 2024


feel blessed.... still wants to coach


On leaning on Kyren


he has shown the numbers and the dimension to the offense, also many other backs have talents


Kyren has separated himself


On Jordan Johnson.


Physically good, working on student athlete aspect


on O-Line short yardage



got more comfortable 2nd half

running outside zone and inside zone vs pin and pull


On starting corners


Played too much will rotate

McCloud was a bit too agressive


Better rotation at corners and safety


Braden Lenzy had a HAMSTRING


Looks healthy now. Javon in Boundary


Wilkins can flip back and forth between W and X


Kyle in a walking boot, scan clean, day to day(questionable)



On Rees



poised be patient

stick with the run

better in 2nd half


on Bauer


Bauer sports energy abd attention to detail

right energy and play focused

discipline with energy working well


making tweaks to covid procedure


testing daily


constantly on gaurd




Kyle Rudolph and Harrison Smith both viking captains


both captains both welcomed kelly in 2010, great leaders


kellys proud of them, not surprised, humble and real




Structure on defense hard to know

good linebackers

good offensive line

Athletic rushing QB

QB are RB Combo


FAU clues


Please don't make fun of my notes ask questions if you wish

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