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*the official irish vs blue devils game day thread*


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It feels like the ND Defense has control now, so they can take that kind of risk


Right. I’m NEVER worried about the defense as long as Lea is here. As long as Kelly is here our offense, especially the run game will look terrible for the most part. Also, it never has any new variety or wrinkles. Just the chunk offense that Kelly runs and it doesn’t matter who is the o-coordinator.

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Needed for the 1:00 minute drill and save one for a FG. Needed the 2 already called on this drive and have time to get Doerer on the field.


It’s some momentum. I think if ND puts up a TD on this first drive, that should break Duke’s spirit.


The play calling hasn’t been great, but the bulk of this stagnant performance falls on the OL.

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I’d rather have the extra 30 seconds they left out there.

Glad they got 3, but I think with proper play calling they could have had 7.

Who knows?


Yep even Dungy mentioned you call the timeout there. It seemed that BK was playing to not give the ball back to early as to trusting the offense yet.


The good thing. Wilkins May have emerged as a go to receiver for Book when he needs a first.

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