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Venting About Airlines/COVID

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As probably one of the few guys on this board who is still routinely traveling on airlines, I wanted to bitch about the policies I've noticed that seem to take advantage of the current circumstances.


I flew to Denver this past weekend and now the COVID threat has compelled the airlines to shut their lounges down entirely..... instead of simply respecting social distancing and halting their food/drink offerings (as they were only 2 weeks ago). I flew this route 2 weeks ago and the lounges were open to capitalize on the good wifi/relaxation benefits. You could order food/drink but you had to take it to go.


Not anymore. Now they have laid off most, if not all lounge employees and shut the doors completely to every lounge in every airport. Nevermind the fact that you're able to maintain social distance much easier in a lounge. But safety isn't their goal. Their goal is saving money.


So 2 weeks ago my airline travel was around $75 for round trip for this route. Nice, right? Once the airlines got their bailout money, the flight costs jumped to $700 for the same route...seemingly overnight. The airlines are able to fly virtually empty planes on their usual routes because our tax dollars have allowed them to do so. There were literally 7 people on my flight from NC to CO this weekend. $700 each.


But to top it all off, passengers are constantly barraged with stories from the airlines about the "ways in which we are keeping you safe". That now includes eliminating all beverage service aboard aircraft. But....they are still having beverage/meal service for first class. Let that sink in. It's a safety thing to get rid of the service for economy.....but it's perfectly safe to carry on business as usual in the premier cabin.


So the airlines have eliminated the costs of running the lounges that passengers like me pay for or earned...they've eliminated the costs of providing food/drinks to their passengers (costs of both product and having fewer stewards/stewardesses), and they've received so much taxpayer money in the form of a bailout that they can afford to charge ridiculous airfare again...


Just wanted to pass this along to anyone who was unaware. It's every single airline pulling this BS right now too...

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Interesting....I was just talking to my brother in-law about the airlines. We were wondering how they were operating these days. His job required him to fly around the U.S. almost continuously for 6 days a work...ugh


Oh he just retired in January....

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The airlines are in a world of hurt. Passenger travel is down as much as 90%. They operate on thin margins. Two saving graces is the cost of fuel and for some airlines the Boeing debacle with the 737MAX delivery delays. Funny they provide the first-class service though.


Between stories of full planes and empty planes - not planning to fly soon. Have planned trips of close to 1000 (2000 total) miles and another at 1600 (3200 total) miles and planning to drive both - straight through the first and one overnight on the second each direction.

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