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Admittedly not watched much but what I have seen, pretty much as expected...lots of border line NFL roster guys playing hard to get recognized by the NFL for a shot at getting on a roster. Far better than Arena of AFL or whatever it was called. All in all, with the TV and McMahon money backing it, would expect it to last into a second season but stadiums need to be filled, which not all are doing. We'll see.

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From what I saw of the Houston St. Louis game, I feel like a lot of the offenses are just guys going out there and balling. I don't get the sense they are technically sound or cohesive as a team. Which I would not expect just two weeks into a new league.


Really like the defensive play and kick returns! I'm hoping the funds are there to make it stick. The AAF had some positive aspects. I find an interesting aspect was when a qb threw an interception, the sideline report went up to the bench and interviewed him. I understand why it'd be detrimental to the player perhaps but as a viewer, I enjoy the candid reaction after such a big play.

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