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Maybe we always were a 9 & 3 team!

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I really understand much of the meltdown.....


Not just that we lost (remember Kelly is a meager 2 and 11 when playing a ranked team away) but How the F78k we lost. Getting the crap kicked out of us...that was pretty inexcusable .. and on the staff as much as the players.


But beyond the beating I think its fair to say this team has been OVERRATED all season...not just by pollsters but by us as well.


One could argue that's a plus for Kelly , we are actually starting to expect to win most every game....but this season THAT HAS ALWAYS been unrealistic.


The team hasn't really looked that good all season ..from the opening half against Louisville when they ran all over us ( a harbinger of what happened Saturday) through the weak second half against USC,,,, maybe our BEST GAME was the loss against Georgia , where we probably played close to as good as we can.


Here it is.


OUR OFFENSE is really missing pop...no dexter Williams,, no breakaway back we have gotten so used to....no BOYNKIN ,,,instead we get a mostly ineffective rotation....a QB that as has been covered in many threads is simply NOT as good as last year (CLEARLY MISSING dexter and boynkin )…

IAN just is so limited and just cant throw on the run and cant stop bailing early, Ian clearly better then Wimbush but what does that mean. Instead of the NEW FRESHMAN sensation at RB or WR whomever that might have been we get instead TOO MUCH FINKE...


The offensive issues are NOT the result of Kellys scheme ,,,,its the shortage of great players...


Defensively....Look our defense is good despite the drubbing...its just NOT GREAT...


The strength of our defense is our pass rush and our coverage.....but we are not the brick wall against the run that we have seen....TILLERY was not replaced,,, Cooney and Tranquil have players that will be good but not there yet...we are SOFT in the middle against strong olines.



Essentially we are a pretty good offense with a slightly above average QB an efficient oline and one really good NFL player CLAYPOOL....we are a pretty good defense that's best against passing teams...


That is s description of the 24th ranked team at 9-3...We just have too many weaknesses to have been a top ten team in 2019.


Lots of room for criticism of the teams FIASCO of a performance....but to be honest this years team is just short on many facets.


I agree I would like to see more PHIL since the pressure is off on the playoffs,,,more Lenzy some at least EFFORT by the staff to bring more punch into the offense...on defense without great DTs & MLBs there really is not much we can do...


We can win the last games but we could easily drop another as well.....


I would just suggest we wash away the feelings THAT WE WERE SO CLOSE and Kelly made some mistakes....that's just not true unfortunately....this season .. we were NOT THAT CLOSE!!



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Hawaii hit the nail on the head. We so badly want to be the program we once were it is easy to convince ourselves that each year will be the year. When a loss or losses occur the inevitable meltdown takes place. We were overrated this year as we tend to be sometimes but rest assured before the start of next season we will have posters telling us this is the YEAR.

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Before the season, there was very little hype around this team. I think most posters knew this wasn’t going to be THE year.


I really did think we could go 11-1 if the quarterback play didn't drop off significantly..


However we've had 10 years to see that our coach has a way with regressing our QB's in the 2nd year. Our best option is to be super aggressive with first year starter QB's or start accepting late transfers of kids who already know how to play the position.


There is something about our offense that makes our QBs look like deer in a headlight.


How complicated can it be to get to a second or third read? You should know almost instantly if your first read is being defensed a certain way that its a throw away and you need to get to a 2nd or 3rd receiver before you duck your head and run away.. It's like watching a highschool freshman being thrown to the wolves who doesnt understand the difference between an odd and even coverage back end.


Ian Book was such a solid decision maker and hard nosed runner if he ever doubted his reads last year to regress to this is pretty amazing and not in a good way.

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I could see us losing the next 4/5 games boys. VT will be licking their chops; Duke on the road that no one will be in the stands for or watching then navy (win) and we have such a great track record of putting BC away and then Stanford on the road...

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