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Do you believe we can win a National Championship in the next 5 yrs?

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ND just needs legit 5 stars in the following positions







ATL(need a return game FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!)



and Awesome Coaches @








subject to revision after the Michigan game.


Well, hell, we took one back for a TD against USC until the grass decided to work for the Trojans and strip the ball...... Smh.

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Pretty simple game this time.


1. Make plays vs man to man coverage, both deep routes and crossing routes(isolate the safety as Frankus points out)

2. Threaten to run Book- We will run the option this week because its a man coverage beater. Access the perimeter, make Michigan spread out the box.


3. Tight ends and running backs in the passing game screw Michigans man to man up. use wheel routes and check downs to stemmm the agression of Um's linebackers,

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...and back to national championship discussion...


Will Brian Kelly finish in the Top 10 more than once every six years?


Teams that have won championships have had head coaches who have kept their teams in the Top 10 on a consistent basis.


These top schools have changed over time but there have been very few one hit wonders. The number one factor in whether or not a school wins a championship has been its head coach.


Kelly has had two top 10 finishes in nine years with the second coming six years after the first.


Kelly will need to have 4 out of 5 years as a Top 10 coach with multiple Top 5 finishes to realistically have a chance to win a championship.


He seems to be operating at a higher level now than previously. Too bad it has taken 10 years of on the job training to get there. Hopefully he is able to maintain the elevated levels of recruiting and hiring of assistant coaches since one or two years does not a trend make. He needs to raise his floor for recruiting and assistant coaches so that a top 5 recruiting rank is not a once in ten year occurrence. He needs to identify assistant coaching talent so his assistants are consistently hired away and become successful.

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