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Fundraiser for Irish Convert (moved here 1 day for exposure)

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Wasn’t as successful as I had hoped but raised $300 in draw spots plus another big chunk from someone, the board Angel, who didn’t want to be entered into the draw...Waiting on one donator to confirm how many spots they earned...


Faith is going to be emailed the numbered pick allotment and use google random number generator...

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Congrats to jbrown_9999 - you won. I had Faith do the draw so everyone would know it was on the up and up.


DM me your address and I’ll pop them in the mail this weekend when I’m home.


Thanks to all who entered. Feels good to pay it forward to someone in need from a board I care so much about.

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Got hired by Better World Books in Mishawaka, working inventory. I haven't done this kind of work since my thirties but I'll take it. Just a matter of getting back in the swing of things.


Congrats my friend....good things headed your way....

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oof...I should NOT have read that during a team status meeting


I started tearing up in front of my team...I said my eyes were just red from staring at my screen all day


I got you brother; I hope things get better, and please, please reach out if you need anything else


edit: ohh, just saw the update..congrats! The above still applies =)

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Need to get back here more often after all the support but my old phone was on its last legs and I just bought a new one a couple of days ago.


Thanks again everyone, it helped more than you know. A few checks in now, good to have a cushion in the bank again. It was touch and go for awhile there.


Hopefully I'll be able to catch a game this year.

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