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Fundraiser for Irish Convert (moved here 1 day for exposure)

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Our brother has fallen on some tough times... this weekend I plan on digging out some Irish autographed items to donate to the cause. I will be auctioning off chances to win lots. Will work our details and logistics this weekend. Draws will take place via random number generator. Raffle tickets will likely be in $10 increments. 100% of proceeds will go to Irish Convert to do with what he wishes.


Most items will be signed photos (16x20) as I will have to pay to ship to winners.


If there is enough interest, I may throw in a big ticket item that will be sure to garner some interest.


Drop a line below if you think you’d be interested in participating. I know for sure I have items signed by Eifert, Rudolph, Bettis and Quinn that I will put up...


Stay tuned...

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Im off tomorrow, will dig out some stuff. For every $10 you donate to the gofund me directly, you’ll get an entry. Draw will be by computerized random number generator.


Prizes will be up here tomorrow and we will go two weeks before the draw happens. I will take you on your word that you donated and you can PM me how many entries you are entitled to...

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Okay, sorry for delays...and sorry for the crappy pics, but dealing with a death in the family but I didn't want to let this go any longer. Ugh, they are showing up sideways and upside down, my apologies, but I don't have time to fix this today...


Here are seven great huge 16x20 signed Notre Dame pieces. I will do a random number generated draw which I will record so ya'll will know this in on the up and up. Donjuan and Trev follow me on Instagram. I will post the video there...


For every $10 you donate to the GFM directly, I will put in one entry. I will take you on your word that you donated, please PM me directly once you have made a donation...


These probably cost me about $500 over the years. I don't have the wall space - your gain.




I will let this go a week or so to generate some much needed funds for our fellow Domer. Help a brother out...


Here's what's included...sorry for poor photos, I'm swamped for time...sorry David, you deserve better...wish I had the time to sort these pics out...


Brady Quinn



Jarious Jackson



Kyle Rudolph



Tyler Eifert


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Remember, donate directly to David's go fund me at the links above, then private message me with how many draw spots you are entitled to (one for every $10 donation).


Thanks for helping out someone in great need. We've done this before, we'll do it again...


Still digging out treasures I will add to this...

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David- I hope all turns out well. I wish I were closer and I’d try to help you find some work. I just dropped $100 in for you. I say that not to brag but in hopes others help. We don’t hesitate throwing some cash in a Salvation Army bucket or a homeless person’s cup so there’s no reason we can’t help someone we know through the web.


Where do you live in Indiana and what skills do you have? I can think of who I might know.


God bless!

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Thanks guys. Hoping a few more will kick in - even $10 will help this man get started in the right direction. That’s what...lunch out for most of us? Help a brother out, please...


Will hold off on drawing for another couple days...

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Couple more days and we will wrap this up. I will input all the entries on a spreadsheet and then use random number generator to pick the winner.


Last chance to jump in and help a good cause and grab some great signed photos...

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