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Am I the only one who thinks..


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..yesterday wasn't as bad as the score made it out to be? Sure, 30-3 isn't pretty, but by no means did I see last night what I witnessed in 2012 at the hands of Bama.


For the most part, I think we relatively held our own with them on the field. Literally every big call went their way (I think my final count was 5). We suffered a couple devastating injuries on defense (Julian and Alohi), and Clemson was able to take advantage. Clemson wasn't flagged for holding or any other significant fouls on offense. All Clemson scores were on homerun plays where we made mistakes, but otherwise I was happy with how we hung with them on defense.


Offense was obviously a different story, but it seemed more uncharacteristic than anything. Book, for some reason, was seeing ghosts all night. He seemed to try to scramble entirely too early time and time again, and he missed both some wide open throws and some obvious reads. He just didn't seem like himself out there - maybe the stage was too big.. something I'm sure he will spend the off-season thinking about over and over again.


Finally, the 2 play calls on 3rd and long - a Dexter draw and a wide receiver screen with the ball thrown 5 yard behind the line. Not sure if they thought they'd identified a wrinkle or something, but Clemson definitely brought their ironing board. Can't help but feel like Chase or Miles should have been utilized here - or, more realistically, the entire game. Oh well, so it goes.


Anyway, long story short, I don't think we were overmatched like we were in 2012. We played a terrible game and caught ALL the bad breaks.


Before the game, I texted my brother and said I thought we had a 25% chance to win - meaning I thought we would win 1 out of 4 games played against them. After what I saw last night, I still firmly believe that prediction. A football is an oblong shape and it bounces weirdly sometimes - and last night was one of those bounces.


Go Irish.

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We are the third best team in the country. There is a difference between being good and PLAYING good, we did not play good at all. We were overmatched against Bama, but we not only could but should have been able to play with Clemson.


We are not... Georgia, OSU and OU would all be favoured against us for a reason.


We proved we can get to the dance here, but we can not compete with Kelly at the helm. That is a fact and will not change.


I think Fleck, Campbell are similar to Dabo in being able to fire the team up and having some sort of charisma. If the goal is to win a title take a shot at a young guy or hold out a year or two and back up the brinks truck to Meyer.

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I agree with the OP. I didn’t think it was as bad as the score indicated. We held them to 42 rushing yards in the first half. It was 4 big plays all in crucial third downs that killed us. That’s how it goes.


Offensively, it was just a bad matchup for us. Their D line dominated our O line and our receivers couldn’t get much separation. I think if we had the receivers that we had when we played them in Clemson we would have had more success.

And if we would have got that call on the fumble that was overturned it would have been much closer. Probably still would have lost but it would have been a lot closer.

Ultimately, Clemson is just a more talented team. We got beat. We are in good shape as a program but we are never going to be on the same level as Bama or Clemson or uga. But no one else is either.

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