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Donte Vaughn


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I wouldn't be so sure of that. Ask yourself this: If you were on the committee and you had to choose between an undefeated Notre Dame- a habitual curb stomped football program on the big stage- and a one loss Georgia team, who would you pick? I'd even go so far as to pick UCF over Notre Dame if I was on the committee and had to choose based on the awful performances ND has put up in major bowls. We do not deserve the benefit of the doubt any more. A strong body of evidence over many, many years is in.


With our schedule, if we go undefeated, we are in every year. No doubt. The past doesnt factor. Our record, strength of schedule and strength of record will get us in every year. Please stop with the UCF talk. They have 3 power 5 wins in their 25 game win streak. Dont be silly with that nonsense. And every big win we get the fans end up saying that wasnt a big win. Michigan Stanford LSU USC NC State Oklahoma Michigan State Va Tech Syracuse. They are big games going in and when we win ohh they werent that big. The ones we lose, man they were the big ones. Everyone knows we are struggling in the big bowl games, doesnt mean we havent won big games against big time programs. We are still trying to reach elite level, Bama clemson OSU Georgia. We are in the next tier. Working our way up. It was a 10 to 3 game with Julian Love in btw

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