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That was just a great uber entertaining game.....I give Georgia credit


The irony is incredible, in the title game....Tua comes in to relieve Hurts in a game Georgia was controlling.....NOW Hurts come is to relieve Tua in a game Georgia was again controlling....



only in college football...



and yes that fake punt was Kirby Smart channeling the 2011 Brian Kelly ;)



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I know Georgia dominated most of that game. But they had their shot and lost, their second loss of the season. Assuming Clemson and OSU win tonight it should be


1. Bama

2. Clemson

3. ND

4. OU


I can't see the committee putting in 2 loss Georgia over us or OU especially when they had their chance to beat Bama when they were up 14 and blew it, and OSU losing against Purdue by 29 is too much holding them back.

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If I was the Georgia AD, I’d fire Kirby on the spot for that fake punt...


Breathtakingly stupid at 4th and 11...


Worst call I have ever seen. That's not hyperbole. I simply cannot understand why you would call that in that situation. It makes zero sense. None. It was cataclysmically retarded.


They did something similar in their only loss to LSU.




Had Kelly called that, the internet would have melted.




To paraphrase Holtz, sometimes it's better to STFU and let people think you're an idiot than open your mouth and leave no doubt.

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He is a good coach. And he really, really, I mean really hates ND lol.


Yup he’s let that be known lol.


Did he lead an upset of ND when he played? I hate playing his teams, he reminds me of Chris Peterson both guys always have their teams so well prepared.

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