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It has been a looong time.


I ended up at the SBCFH as mentioned. In July of last year I found employment and have been working toward finding a place almost ever since. Difficult because I haven't rented anywhere since the late 80s, had no references or recent rental history. On top of that, I basically have no credit score because I have no debt/credit cards and only one bank account.


I stayed at the center and have been looking for a place for over half a year, difficult because of the above and then the "pandemic".


This past Sunday, I finally found a place via word of mouth and am back in Mishawaka, where I lived for over twenty years.


It's been one helluva long, winding road but at least things are finally pointing forward again.


I have not forgotten the support I received here nor will I. Sports have not been a major focus for me though and were put on the back burner. As it turns out, they may be for many people under current circumstances.


I wanted to let everyone at DD that I appreciate the support through this entire ordeal.


Kind of interesting. My other half passed on 07/16/18, I started this job on 07/15/19 and signed the lease for this place on 07/18/20. I guess maybe I had better start paying attention dates in mid July...

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