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College Football Week 10

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Really great results from the Big Ten is OSU getting smoked and MSU pulling the upset.


Oklahoma State and NCSt pulling it out would REALLY help at this point. Lackluster win against Wake not great. Even though ND curb stomped NCSt where Clemson is going to squeak by if they do win.

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Thx MSU for beating Penn St

Our win looks that much better


But really in love with Iowa for the whipping they put on Ohio State and for shutting up all the hype about Barett and the Heiam (4 interceptions)


Yeah that ship has probably sailed, but Adams is in no better a place for havign had to sit the whole game.

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You ask big 12 fans and it's just that their offenses are that good...


We've seen time and again when they face a legit defense they can't do a damn thing


Yeah, when they play out of conference it never looks like that.


Except for Ohio St but we found out why that was. Ohio St sucks.

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