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Mike Elko officially announced

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hybrid. 3-4 with a slant was the base at wake forest.


His nickel(passing distance defense) can be a 4-2-5.


What I like is he knows where the defense is at all times. Doesn't every DC?


Here's what I mean. Only my opinion here. Say your defending 80 yards of field on first down. Corners back off a bit the first priority is not to give up a 80 yard play on first down. The second thing is to defend the sticks, (try to get off the field.) 3rd is to get in a spot to attack to cause a turnover. Those spots are 2 and long and 3rd and long..


Yes there are times he gives up yards. but when we are defending the red zone area expect those corners tightened up, safeties over the top, with blitzes all over

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