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Anyone calling for BK'S head

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Time to climb out of your mother's basement you fantasy football fools.


Says the person averaging 7 contributions since 2006.... If you can't define Kelly from his complete body of work, yet, dungeons and dragons is calling. Get on the horn with your boys and you can make up whatever fantasy you want.


On the other hand, the rest of us have determined that the system is productive but Brian Kelly has played us out of numerous games while blaming anybody and everybody else except himself the entire time. Hope the door doesn't let it hit him...


<a href=http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=17752351>espn hammers kelly</a>

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I think Kelly is done if he doesn't turn it around, but FU(K TMZSPN. All they want to do is create conflict and drama to drive ratings. They're dollar whores, their product has plummeted in an effort to cut costs, and nothing they say has any real merit.


NFL team calling BK to hive him a job?


We can only be so lucky....


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im beginning to lean that way. I've always been a big BK supporter but after watching his play calling Saturday I have to question what he's doing. this is BKs 7th season at ND and all but two seasons have been mediocre (the 2016 season is a disaster). the '12 and '15 are his only two good seasons, after the '12 season when ND played for the NC BK was unable to build on that and maintain any type of success. im not ready to fire him yet but I think he needs to be put on notice and for the love of god start running the ball better.

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