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We kind of HAVE TO find a way to beat Louisville---or KELLY will have a WEIS LIKE SEASON that could be hard to bounce back from...


Lose to LOUISVILLE and we are toast against USC---that 7-5 finish apparently puts us in the BELK BOWL against the SEC--


Pick your poison---Ole miss/ Auburn/ Florida-----





After a late season collapse----beating any SEC team sounds like wishful thinking




Going from 6-0 an in title contention to 7-6 would be the BIGGEST COLLAPSE in ND HISTORY.....


And one of the worst of ALL TIME IN THE NCAA


How KELLY or this program could handle such a calamity is HIGHLY PROBLEMATIC


WE NEED TO FIND A WAT TO GET WIN 8 and then hope for a manageable bowl opponent....


WOW what a surprising MESS!



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Agreed. I'm trying to keep the faith but I can never forgive Monk Malloy and Wadsworth for what they did to ND football.


I agree to a certain extent, but there were several more prominent people who played a part in the systematic deconstruction of the program. Many of those are now gone, but some remain to this day.

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Unless you are playing for the national championship the bowl games are for the valuable extra practice and playing time.

The way ND is playing they should be lucky to be considered for any bowl. The only reason they are wanted by most bowls is because they are a national draw and Irish fans spend $$$.

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