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If Kelly isn't the guy, then who is?

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I truly believe ND is going to have to get lucky with their next hire. Harbaugh was at SDST when Stanford hired him, Urban was at Utah when Florida hired him. ND is going to have to get lucky and hire the next big thing in coaching in order to take the next step.


Harbaugh was at University of San Diego, not SDSU. The former is a small Catholic school.


Everybody knew Meyer was the real deal. He just said no.

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You can't learn to be a head coach at nd.


And the sad reality is that I'm not sure anybody can win big at nd anymore. I think when the administration decided to de-emphasize football and increase the standards that led to Holtz leaving, this killed the program forever. As everybody says, what fop coach would want to come here? Even Urban Meyer turned us down to take the florida job. The program has been reduced to Nostalgia and it's a damn shame.


As long as they win 8 or 9 games a year and graduate and the money keeps rolling in, the administration will be content.


This. This. A thousand times this.


Anybody who thinks that another big-name coach would ever touch this job is sadly delusional. Father Jenkins and the rest of the administration have effectively run the football program into the ground.

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