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Going for two was the dumbest thing I've seen a coach do since back in 2010 when I saw a coach call a fade route from the opponents 10 yard line with under a minute left down one, only needing a field goal to win.

agreed. after that game im officially not worried about the NFL trying to lure him away.

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It was from the 19, but yes...This was easily as dumb as the Tulsa game. Or how about the Michigan game in 2010, where he has Montana end the half with a pass that goes 10 rows deep instead of kicking the FG? Or even calling a run play cause you're on the 3yd line and Michigan wasn't able to stop the run?


Don't you know how stories work? Three years ago it was from the 19, now it was inside the 10, in a couple more years it will be inside the 5, and eventually it will be from the 1.

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