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Brady Quinn, Color Analyst

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He's doing his first game today, TCU versus Minnesota, on Fox Sports. Doing a very nice job. Has called a couple plays before they happened.


Glad to see him land in a decent gig. I've always rooted for the guy but have never kidded myself that he would be a legend in the NFL. Still, just seems like a good guy all around and I'm happy for whatever success he finds.

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Would like to see more Irish alumns gravitate to Notre Dame on NBC broadcasts...


Couldn't agree more. NBC is obviously the ND channel, it'd be nice to see some guys who have football knowledge and understand the ND life to be in the booth. I actually don't mind Mayock, but Hammond was horrible and so was Haden.

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I couldn't agree more. As long as they are not to much of a homer. That can get announing


I think Pat Haden did a great job for a USC guy.


I agree with Rocket as well. I think Brady might be great one day with his football IQ and likability.


I just don't want him to hang around Troy Aikman or Daryl Johnston for too long being at Fox..

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