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Irish to Bust 50 in Opener against Rice

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Ouch. But I didn't start a thread. How many did we score against Temple?


Just found the thread. Chiro had it at 69-0. Tommy was so hard to predict. Golson will be easier. If we don't hit around 50 you won't see any more prediction threads by me, but I have only started two threads with a prediction.

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but you did predict 50+...;)


Yes Rocket I did. The only point I am trying to make is that I have studied this one and especially the opponent. I don't think they can stop us. I don't think they can run the clock. I think we score touchdowns and not field goals. I didn't start a thread on Temple.

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The 'experts' don't agree we should score 50 or more points and that is certainly understandable in the first game of a season when defenses are more dominant. However, we did it in 2012 in the opener against Navy and I see a similar situation but even a more advanced offense than what we showed in that game in Ireland. Here is what I see as positives.


1. Golson ~~ This is absolutely the biggest difference from last year. But he is much more advanced than he was in 2012. In his own words he says this offense is much more explosive and has more weapons. Remember, he is physically bigger and stronger and more likely to run with the ball when given an open lane. Golson wants a break out game as do our entire team. They want people talking about this offense and not about our internal problems. Basically they want to bust loose and Golson will be the catalyst.


2. Offensive Line ~~ We don't rebuild on our offensive line. It is bigger and better than 2012. Stanley and Elmer are beasts and the depth is better than ever. We gave up 7 sacks last year. Try sacking Golson behind this line. Not going to happen!!


3. Bryant ~~ Statement game. He wants to be the starter. A true 5 star back behind an imposing offensive line and throw in the element of spread option. Scary!!!


4. Receivers ~~ Yeah, we don't have DeVaris but look at what we do have. Koyack will get his share and he can't be stopped in the red zone as he really knows how to use his body to shield the ball from the defender. Corey Robinson is light years better than last year. He is bigger and stronger and claims to be even faster. He is catching everything in sight including one handers in the end zone as he is falling to the ground.


Chris Brown is supposedly our best receiver according to the coaches. This was before DeVaris left. His speed, length, hops and route running are putting him at the front of the class. If he holds onto the ball he could be in elite company.


5. Fast Pace is finally here ~~ Kelly has stated that he finally has the pieces to run his offense. That means a mile a minute, break neck pace that tries to keep the defense guessing and plain vanilla. If we are indeed running this pace, how can we not score 50??


6. BVG ~~ This is big. If Diaco was the coach, even Rice would plod down the field and we would try to stop them in the red zone. Not BVG. We play very fast on defense as well. We shoot the gaps and look for the big play. Hopefully we get a few of them and stop those drives early thus saving the clock for our offense.


I don't know how good Rice is on defense, but they sure won't be as good as Stanford, USC and Florida State. I just don't think they can stop us and we are determined not to settle for field goals. I feel pretty confident about 50 points but will be the first to admit I'm wrong should we stumble out of the gate.

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As much as I want 50 prefer to have seconds in by the 4th quarters and have them look solid mistake free ball.


I certainly want the seconds in the 4th quarter, maybe even the 3rd quarter. I think Malik could continue the scoring spree and I fully expect him to play. I'm waiting to see him running in the open field.

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