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Defense STILL Wins 'Ships

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Cliche' I know but what is the biggest change statistically from 2012 to 2013?


10 vs 23 points allowed per game.


We can Talk poor Rees out of South Bend all we want but he's given us the same or more point production than Golson.


The real question is how long will it take for ND to play top 5 defense again? That's the year I predict our next title run


Hopefully Golson can get us over 30 points per game next year, however if we don't stay on the track to great defense its probably still at least a 2 loss team.


Kelly was right the key to succeeding at ND is Championship defense.. The question is How often can ND produce championship caliber defense under Kelly?

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nearly impossible to measure up to last season's defense.

defense played well enough to win vs. Pitt but offense missed too many chances to put Pitt away.


7 points first half

1 big play second half (yes, farley missed tackle).

1 TD after a bogus PI call (on 4th down stop)

1 TD after drive started at ND 5


defense now is riddled with injuries and tuitt didnt olay vs pitt for 3 quarters

things arent as bad as they seem IMO.

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I see our D improving next year if we get one or both of Tuitt/Nix back.


If both leave, then I think we'll be worse off on D next year. An improved D next year along with a better offense thanks to Golson would do wonders for our record.


I'm concerned about our OL next year though. Lots of good recruits, but losing Watt and Martin will hurt. They've quietly had a great year at least in pass protection. I don't think it's their fault we don't have a consistent run game either as that seems to come from play calling.

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