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*The Official Irish vs Panthers Game Day Thread*

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I don't think this will be as difficult as anticipated---last two years were BRUTAL as we struggled to win both---this season I have a FEELING--just a FEELING--that this one goes our way wire to wire---looking for BIG GAMES from JAYLON/RUSSELL/FOLSTON/FULLER/NIKLAS & DANIELS----Tommy will not struggle as much as he has against them the last two years---I HOPE_:grin:



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Just got selected for bettis trivia.

Bettis over/ under 13,000 yards?

Bettis over / under 4.2 YPC

Bettis over under 90 career TDs ?


Got them all right for $5! Lololol.

Edit: they have me extra $5 for all 3 right.

this goes into the Wild West fund ...


Wtf is the Wild West fund

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Dang, lots of home brewers out there I see. Well while we are on the subject, if you are a Stone Brewing fan and you haven't tried their Cali-Belgique IPA.....it is.....amazing....

just had stone 17th anniversary IPA… Awesome! On a side note anyone headed to yosemite has to stop at my best friends brew pub, southgate brewing company. Bought a sixer of Dogfish head India Brown Ale pretty fired up about it.

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What?? You really bet $4,500 on a Irish win? Is it for just a win or are there pts?


Last game of a parlay.


I will be be very unhappy if they do not win for many reasons and will lose some $$$ but nowhere near that amount.



I am very confident though. It is going to be great.

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