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ND vs. Purdue - Score Predictions

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Well, technically I should be off the hook because we lost, but I am putting that loss on the coaches and not my thread. On to greener pastures with Purdue next week. I tend to think this one gets ugly, but then again, I thought that last year too.

I hope we come out and play with a chip on our shoulders and lay the smackdown on Purdue.




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Since they only scored 28 vs Temple and 30 vs UM, I'm going with 29 points for.


Since they always play down to their competition and let Temple run up and down the field on them (but lacked the scores) and the whole UM debacle... I'm going with 21 points against...



So 29-21 ND Wins

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38 - 13.


I think the offense will be fine, but I am curious to see how the defense does. I really want them to shut them out and prove to us and to themselves that they can still be elite. They lost 4 starters and replaced 2 of them with high quality players (Kap --> Day and Spond --> Jaylon), there is no reason for such a big turn around in defensive quality.

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