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Nothing but good transactions on my end. Probably around 5-10 of them in the last couple of years and without a hitch. Can't beat their sweatshirts & throwback heather t-shirt prices...


**I will say this about Hammes Bookstore; although you're paying a premium price for ND gear, their delivery system is unmatched from my experiences. Days quicker than the posted receive date, and folded, wrapped, and boxed with extreme care. I even received a package on a holiday this year because a backorder purchase kicked my delivery date back a couple of weeks, so Hammes paid for independent/courier delivery to my door. (and this is just my experience with Hammes, some may have different) But I always go to them when I want a great quality item such as an authentic jersey. This year I bought a Timmy Brown throwback jersey and I couldn't be happier about it.

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