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Torii Hunter Jr. WR

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Son of the MLB outfielder?


Yeah. Don't know why I thought he was an ND legacy.


...So does ESPN 150 wide receiver Torii Hunter Jr. (Prosper, Texas) -- yes, the son of another famous pro athlete by the name -- who holds an offer from Notre Dame.



Torii Hunter Sr was in the news this May because of an incident involving one of this other sons:

Torii Hunter’s son’s arrest leads MLB star to take leave from team

A top athlete at a suburban Dallas school has been charged in a sexual assault investigation, leading to his arrest and an immediate move that could affect the fortunes of Major League Baseball's Los Angeles Angels...

Darius Hunter is one of three Hunter brothers who have emerged as pillars of the Prosper football program. Darius Hunter's brothers, Moonshadrik "Money" Hunter and Torii Hunter Jr., are also both considered top college football recruits, with Torii Jr. in particular considered a potential difference maker in college football.

http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/highschool-prep-rally/torii-hunter-football-star-son-arrest-leads-mlb-114513849.html Edited by 2lakes
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I ran into Torii's dad today and he told me his son is visiting Notre Dame Tuesday.


Big Torii told he his son roomed with David Robinson's son at a recent camp and had good things to say, obviously, about ND.


Love these tidbits... that's what makes this board great.

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OV Oct 22nd for UM. Texas is after him now.


September 22.


A Texas offer doesn't scare me anymore. I think our staff can go up agains just about anybody. LSU seems to have control over its own state than UT, but size-wise that might not be a fair comparison.

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Some additional information for whatever it is worth:


- He does live in a Northern suburb of Dallas. The town is small(about 14,000), wealthy and known for athletes living there. Deon Sanders, Randy White (former Cowboy), Torii Hunter to name a few.


- The level of competition is good, but not the biggest in Texas. I am pretty sure it is 4A (5A is biggest and best). His school has an indoor football practice facility and a bunch of other pretty outstanding facilities, or so I am told.


- Texas offers are very, very hard to come by. Their approach to recruiting is about as opposite to ND's as you can get. They cherry pick the best talent in the state and rarely need to go out of state. They can get into the high-teens of commits by their Junior day visits, so they do not need to cast as big of a net.


- The fact that Texas is interested speaks to how highly he is regarded. He has moved up the recruiting ranks with his summer performances.

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