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Most Reliable Recruiting Rating Service

Which Recruiting Rating Service is the Most Accurate?  

72 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Recruiting Rating Service is the Most Accurate?

    • 247 Sports
    • ESPN
    • Maxpreps/Lemming
    • Rivals
    • Scout
    • Other (please name which one in a post)

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Save your arguments for after everyone has chimed in. Just want to see what the gut feelings are right now.


So which recruiting service do you think is more reliable in terms of rating and analyzing recruits?

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Rivals is king right now.


ESPN has taken major strides over the past couple years. They've got the resources to be top dog at it, but I also think their deal with the SEC is a major conflict of interest, much moreso than any bias you potentially get from trying to cater to your biggest pay site subscription buyers.

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I like J. Sapp on 24/7 and am glad to see Wilfong there!! Also, any of you that have Sirius/Xm, channel 91, Bill King( employed by 24/7) has an excellent morning show!! He typically has good things to say about ND and is a big CBK fan!!

Go Irish

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Now that is a really nice sample size, especially for our website. It is certainly enough to say that, when we talk recruiting here, we should use Rivals as the common denomimator. At least for now.


In another thread, something about our recruits rising up in the rankings on Scout, someone took me to task for saying I would like to wait to see what Rivals does. And also saying that from experience and the commonly held belief on this site, I gave Rivals more creedence. I'm not saying it's right, hoss, I'm just sayin' that's how it is.


We can close this up pretty quick, but just a couple more things to make certain the horse is really dead. Some of you have already offered your opinions on why Rivals or Scout or ESPN or 247 are the best. Didn't hear from any Maxprep people. And we also did not talk about which site you enjoyed the most (the criteria was "credibility"). Sometimes it is more fun to read a site that has a definite Irish lean (Lemming), although you have to take it in with a pinch of salt.


So anyone else want to make an impassioned argument for any of the sites listed in the poll or one I did not recognize? How long until ESPN is the leader in sports recruiting too? Is ESPN so much an SEC homer that it will ever be truly legit in recruiting? Should recruiting sites take into account the athlete's intangibles like GPA, attitude, and whether or not he is a team player OR should they focus on the athletic skills? In other words, should the service be predicting how valuable a player will be to his college team or what the prospect is of him going pro? In terms of that question, you may argue that it is the same thing: IMHO it is not. Take Tony Rice, Mark Green, the Rocket, and Kevin McDougal as a few of my reasons for thinking that way.

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