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I got last years and have played 4 years of Dynasty on it as about 5-8 coaches. Four NC for the Irish along with about every trophy going to ND players every year, of course I cheat a little and bump a few guys up to the mid to upper 90's ;). I kind of got a little bored since my superstud DE, my son, graduated lol. Every time I get an NCAA game I always got to create him as a player, wishful thinking I guess.


I think this year I may take a year off, or I may wait until next spring when the price goes down a little.

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Hey does anyone know how to download rosters? I dont want to change every players name... Thought there was a way to download rosters into the game? Got mine yesterday for XBOX... I might be interested in the online dynasty... plan on playing a bunch today.



Here you go:



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Pretty easy to download a named roster for free on PS3 using the EA Lockers. Don't pay for your roster!! I got mine from user name "gamingtailgate"


The Operation Sports rosters are usually free. I've gotten mine from there for the last couple of years. It's also a good place to go back to after the season when you start to tire of the game. Usually there's 2-3 guys who redo the rosters and tweak players based on how they've performed during the year.

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Going to make you guys a cool ND related NCAA '12 cover this week...you guys just have to vote for which Irish player you want on the cover...


Besides the obvious choice of Heggie could you please give me some Cierre Wood? #20 is gonna look sweet scoring touchdowns this year.


For the rosters: xbox- Patrick Morty.... PS3 gamingtailgate

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