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So this is what they mean by "tradition" at USC

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It's disappointing but not necessarily surprising that ND participated in the dirtiness, too. As much as I LOVE when Alabama, USC, and OSU get in trouble, I know it wouldn't take much to nail my guys. I'm not saying we are filthy like some, but we certainly aren't squeaky.


BTW why do some players say they need the money to make rent, pay bills and get groceries??? I understand many of them come from poverty, but that's a lame excuse when the college takes care of their room and board. The extra living quarters and food are solely the players' choices.

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Oh yeah, I totally agree with you. As much as I like to stay realistic w.r.t. college football; its hard not to take on the "we're innocent until proven guilty" facade at times.


In relation to the reasons for accepting money, I think that is the farthest excuse from validation they could give. Like you said, Universities pay for everything. I have two fellow teammates from high school who play for tOSU and all they do is brag about the "hook-ups" they get from the university; not to mention the student checks they receive each month for "expenses".


Their real reasons for accepting money isn't that they need it to pay for legit debits; they just need some lucrative cash for those extra expenses (booze, clothes, drugs, etc).

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