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J. Ferguson.. Announcing May 2nd..

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Pretty good feeling he is going to be Irish......


and then there is this...




Not sure who this guy is but it is pretty shitty to steal the kids thunder if true....

Man I hope this is true. Think Ferguson will be a good one and could initiate some momentum with offensive playmaker recruits (DGB, Marshall, etc.) Pretty darn encouraging though.
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Solid get. Seems like the kind of guy that will "play big". Will be interesting to see if he blows up as a senior a la Ben Councell, who around the same time a year ago was a 3 star "meh" get but ended up in most top 100s/top 150 lists.


We still need to get some work done with guys that translate as slot receivers, but a nice start.

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Not a burner but very physical and difficult to bring down in space. He's got great size and is strong/muscular. He also has an excellent work ethic and is serious about getting a good education. Would excel in the spread on screens/short to intermediate routes also. Overall would be a solid solid get at receiver. If people haven't seen pics/clips of this guy, he is huge and ripped and has this "I'm not going down" attitude.

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