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Urban Meyer is P.o.s.


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This thread is over. Agree to disagree. Meyer is a Sbag, UF is not ND and will never be and ND is not UF and will never be. We recruit a lot of the same guys that the big schools go after. They just get them. Maybe administratively they aren't as tight as ND. If you are a kid that is borderline making the wrong turn, 100% agree that ND will get you through life better than UF. If you are a kid that has no issues about making that wrong decision, UF will get you to the NFL much quicker. Trattou, Hunter etc.



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First of all, I did not mention the Rainey incident. We only know what has been printed. I am so right of center in my beliefs, I cannot see the middle. I do not condone any type of violence, and i said that perception is not always reality. Don't talk to me about giving second chances. The second chance a lot of these kids get is getting the schollie to UF or any other institution. If they F up, toss them, but make sure they did what they did. I just think guys like you feel ND is better because you don't hear about the crap that happens. Jimmy clausen got leveled outside a bar and didn't get arrested, the fight was one sided, (thats what we hear), but he still got in a fight. Golic and a few others got caught underage drinking. oh yea, we all forgot because it got play for a day.

We don't know the crap that happens at ND with the athletes that gets swept under the rug.

5 of the arrests at UF were for fighting outside a bar. 8 or so were dropped completely, but you think because they play at UF they got dropped.

This is an opinion driven board and I think your opinion comes from ignorance. I guess you didn't need a second chance or even a 1st chance???

We did offer Rainey a schollie. Maybe if he came to ND, this wouldn't have happened....??

Really the Jimmy Clausen incident? The guy was out eating with his parents, his gf, and some upperclassman and a guy sucker punches in the face when he is leaving.. numerous witnesses witnessed it. Underage drinking is entirely different than threatening a woman with a text "Time to die... Bitch". If Rainey was arrested for underage drinking I wouldn't say a damn word about the incident because that is a part of college life and 90 percent of college kids do it.90 percent of college kids don't go around threatening a woman's life. So if a kid's 2nd chance is a UF scholarship then you made my point... Rainey sent this message while at Florida when he had a scholarship so technically he gets a 3rd chance from your opinion... when do the chances end... 4th, 5th, 6th? I do believe in 2nd chances don't get me wrong, but I also believe in paying the consequences of your actions and IMO Rainey got a slap on the wrist... Is it the kid's fault? Probably not as much as it is the coach's fault... that was the point of me starting this thread. I can almost GUARANTEE you that if someone did what Rainey did under Brian Kelly's rule, he would be booted in a heartbeat.

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