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for some reason I just can't picture Wood as an elite safety. I don't know why. I think he'd have a better chance with the ball in his hands. I just hope Camp Kelly had him slim down from the Mendoza-style bulk up a stud player as fast as possible plan.


I'd also like to see even Teo drop 15 lbs.

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This unfounded chatter of Wood to safety has not come from anyone affiliated with the staff. Not sure where it started, whether it be the media or fans, but it should've been disspelled when Kelly announced Theo to the slot....


Cierre will get his hands on the ball.....rest assured....


If I'm wrong, take solace in the fact that Pete Carroll was recruiting Wood as a safety. I don't like him, but he recognized where talent would be most utlized for sure.


Also remember that the position of safety will be very thin this year and Kelly might just be trying to get his most talented athletes on the field to get the job done. IMO, Kelly won't let the offensive backfield come up short if Cierre doesn't fit in well on defense...

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I questioned the original post from ND nation on this right off the bat--- the reasons-- it made only partial sense but mainly the reason was that it didn't come from kelly, coach brian has been quite forthright and direct about position changes-- i don't think he has any predilection to hide his thinking in these areas-- so until kelly or staff said something directly it always was to me a rumor ONLY!----- with both allen and hughes gone next year-- with only one RB recruited and with riddeck in the slot-- it never rang true that WOOD should be shifted to defense-------let cierre get his carries this year and next year he may very well be the lead back---wood/gray/roberson---------thats enough but it certainly isnt overstocked in 2011---looking forward to seeing cierre show us some flashy runs THIS YEAR ,weather he keeps his shirt tucked in or not is problematic--aloha go irish!

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