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Help with trying to follow hints


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Okay so for my girlfriends homecoming there are clues given each day to figure out where a token (for points) is hidden in the school. None of them are related except for in the terms that they hint to where the item is.


Clue one: Win one for the Gip-Per


Clue two: not new, not red, not blue


Clue Three: Will Smith


Any ideas to where these could be hinting to in a school?

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#1 clue possibly the gym?


#2 ???


Unsure as I am not all that familiar with Will Smith.




Yeah I'm really not seeing anything. It suposedly will be really obvious. Maybe the baseball field? Geoge Gipp was a baseball player besides football.


And "Will Smith" could be the actor or the football player.


Also Ronald Reagan could have something to do with the Gipper.

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