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  1. It was fun while it lasted, I was hoping after the loss to Marshall they'd be a great Cinderella story to take the sting off some. But they've lost to some terrible teams. Do you think we fall out of the top 10? How badly is this going to affect the 2024 class? I see a RB offer out, does that have to do more with Love or who is on board?
  2. This isn't even all on Buchner, our plays are complete butt. Shits so predictable.
  3. How do you think the OSU effected recruiting @Big23Head? It wasn't a blow out, but offensively underwhelming. Hurt? Help? Neutral?
  4. Surprised we didn't rotate on the front 7 more on that game sealing drive. We were clearly gassed. The o-line was severely out of sync, awful missed blocking assignments in very important situations. Offensive game plan too simplistic, have to get the WRs involved. Young corners looked good, pass rush was lacking. Not embarrassed by the game by any stretch, we will be able to play with everyone on our schedule. Just mismanaged many situations in a winnable game. Defense gave us every chance to grow on our lead early in the second half with 2 OSU 3 and outs to start. Defenses are keying in our Mayer, with a corner covering him we should have mismatches elsewhere. Ultimately the biggest thing is the oline needs to be fixed. I thought we started to get Estime going a bit and then we went completely away from it.
  5. Can't run a functional offense when you can't get WRs involved on the offensive side of the ball. O-line miscues on blocking DTs has been absolutely horrible. One completion to a WR first play of the game, zero since.
  6. I've seen mixed reports. Some saying Keeley is still considering ND, others saying its an OSU/Bama battle. Thoughts on this?
  7. Love to see the bumps for Otting, Absher, Gray and Jagusah. Drayk Bowen has been free falling, is it lack of camps etc? Think he's gonna be great and at the end of the day rankings aren't the end all be all. Just curious.
  8. Wiltfong CB's to ND for Jaiden Ausberry '23 LB and Cam Williams '24 WR.
  9. Positively or negatively, in your opinion?
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CeL8QDyuKjN/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Man, A&M is a legit threat for D. Moore.
  11. In place of the tentative visit he was looking at for ND? With a big list of visitors. That hurts.
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