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  1. A lot of boom and bust with those 23 commits, some never taking a snap at ND. I think NBA super-team culture has a huge impression on the state of CFB recruiting right now. Clemson, Alabama, OSU, Georgia and LSU have been consistently recruiting on an almost unprecedented level. All 5 finished top 5 in 2020 and 2021. 3 of the 5 finished top 5 in 2019 with the 2 missing Clemson at 10th and OSU at 14th. 2006-08 only two teams finished in the top 5 all 3 years and that was USC and Florida. Notre Dame finished in the top 5 twice and no other team did more than once. Talent is wanting to go with ta
  2. Coan? Buchner? Pyne? I'm curious on what your thoughts/predictions are.
  3. Coan definitely has more arm strength than Book. Book was good at a lot of things, his average arm strength held him back against elite defenses.
  4. Our RB talent since Adams has been a little lackluster.
  5. May be the first time in NFL history? I looked back about 15 seasons and didn't see any. LT Ronnie Stanley LG Quentin Nelson RG Zach Martin Well deserved, certainly can't hurt recruiting on the o-line front.
  6. You make that statement almost as if each event has a 50% chance of occurring, it's more like 95-5.
  7. This. I guess that's the perks of arm chair AD'ing. You can push for something to happen that may not make sense and if it doesn't work out you can second guess is several years down the road. Does Kelly have swagger? Not at all, I don't mind it either. There's no guarantee's when it comes to making a young innovative coach hire, for every Lincoln Riley you have 10 Lane Kiffin's, Steve Sarkasian's, Jon Embree's etc. It's a lot of work to build up any successful CFB program, it's even more work to do it at Notre Dame. It doesn't take much, like too many visits to the golf course, for the progra
  8. 3 Crystal Balls all picking Henderson to ND as of the day of the visit. Assuming it went well.
  9. Terry Mcaulay is absolutely delusional.
  10. At the end of the day if ND wins on the field they are just fine.
  11. Jakailin Johnson was Jordan Johnson's teammate wasn't he? Is that going to give us a big leg up in his recruitment? Not sure how close they were.
  12. They did beat us head to head for Kyler Gordon last year.
  13. The unmentioned factor is the stadium environment. That's not an easy place to play at night on the road with the crowd going absolutely bananas.
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