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  1. In place of the tentative visit he was looking at for ND? With a big list of visitors. That hurts.
  2. Rico Flores Jr announcing 07/03, final 3 of Georgia, tOSU and ND. Wiltfong put in a CB for ND today. I know Elzy, Gallagher and Greathouse are still in play and James on board. Is it first 4? Or do we take 5 with how bad last years WR haul was in terms of size?
  3. Exactly. May have great form/grasp of line assignments and the right kind of attitude for playing the way Hiestand likes. Balis is going to get him right. I don't think he's that bad off now, but just like any other HS player his body is going to change a lot in a college program.
  4. Great breakdown, is our number for '23 only 21? I thought the class was going to be a bit bigger.
  5. Never know how these kids will develop during their time though. Been 5 star busts and un-ranked studs.
  6. Never thought he'd legit respond.
  7. Game info https://events.nd.edu/events/2022/04/23/annual-blue-gold-game-nd-football-spring-scrimmage/ Rosters https://www.si.com/college/notredame/football/notre-dame-football-2022-blue-gold-game-rosters
  8. Coach O watching practice.
  9. "Actually, where I stayed at when I actually woke up in the morning, the best view I've probably seen was the Golden Dome in the morning. You have the sun beaming on it and it was just crazy. Seeing that outside of your window, it was probably one of the best feelings I've possibly had waking up in the morning." - Dante Moore on how his 2-day visit changed his perspective on the Irish. https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/LongFormArticle/Five-Star-Quarterback-Dante-Moore-Talks-Notre-Dame-Football-In-Depth-Story-Tommy-Rees-Marcus-Freeman-Visit-Gold-Chair-Throne-185985857/#185985857_5
  10. I would assume he means Moore is trying to verify with himself that ND is the place to be by experiencing the other places and making sure that feeling doesn't change.
  11. Huge to get Julian Sayin on campus, does he have a favorite currently or is it wide open?
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