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  1. People have their favorites between Starbucks, Dunkin and Tim Hortons. I'm not a coffee drinker so I've never understood why people wait in long lines and pay $2-$8+/day for what's basically free at home or in their office. It's like waiting in line to pay for bottled water. As for working, I've always liked the atmosphere and smell of Starbucks for sitting around on my computer. From what I saw in Toronto, Hortons was basically like Dunkin.
  2. great time to be buying stock right now. perfect buying opportunity.
  3. This is great news...congrats to Tommy!
  4. So they're feeling the bern in NH and making it great again with Trump. I thought the big news this week was Bloomberg pondering a run. Would love to see him run just cause he has more business respect than Trump and isn't a socialist.
  5. Yes and No. Yes because ND was riddled with injuries last year and one season can be a fluke. Let's give a coach more than one year to prove himself and allow players to learn and get comfortable with a defensive scheme. No because fans are so fickle that every season is an end-all-be-all and don't put enough emphasis on players, development and a long term plan. Charlie Weis goes 5-2 in year 1 and seems to save ND from the depths...give him a 10 year contract! Entire defense is injured and ND ranks 40th in scoring defense and 45th in yards (Top 40s!!) and we want to fire Van Gorder. Not
  6. This year Bama got 5 five stars on Rivals...2-5 more than everyone else in the top 10 this year. They're the top ranked recruit class for the 7th time in the last 9 years. To put it in NFL terms....they basically have anywhere from 8-20 more first round picks on their team than any other team. They're def gonna get another 2-3 titles before Saban retires.
  7. So Clinton got 701 and Sanders got 697. Why such a pathetic democratic turnout when Cruz got 51,666? Or does that represent delegate votes or a caucus vote vs. actual people votes? I have no idea how this works.
  8. I do not regret how I spent my youth 0-18. Spent a lot of time working, studying and had a great group of friends. Lead to the work ethic and education level I have today. I still partied enough in high school without letting it get in the way of important goals. I do regret how I spent my college years 18-22. I don't think I would go to Notre Dame if I had to do it all over again. Was my dream growing up but after visiting some of my other friends and between the frats, parties, numerous good looking girls, and general college atmosphere I think it would have been more fun to go elsewhere.
  9. That is because employers are skirting Obamacare 30 hr limits and prefer flexible staffing. I feel bad for most workers who simply want to work one job 40-50 hrs/week.
  10. I love how everyone says this country is falling off a cliff. The drop has nothing to do with Obama and everything to do with China, oil and a correction (which markets are supposed to do!). I hope you all panic and sell low so I can buy on the downturn. Where else are you gonna invest? Communist/Thief China? Dictatorship Russia? Socialist Europe? Crashing Brazil? Corrupt Africa? How are those countries working out for ya? Quit being doom and gloom and realize we have some problems but America is a rich young country with tons of talent and natural resources under a great democracy.
  11. You mean Bernie? I saw he was polling equal or above Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire. I would love if he won the Democratic nom simply to see Hillary's dreams crumble before her eyes...
  12. Which is why Saban won't leave Bama either. So 6 more years of Bama being awesome.
  13. Anyone watching the State of the Union circus tonight? I wish the next president would just tell everyone to stop clapping, sit down and shut up. Instead it's a partisan pep rally.
  14. Having to deal with the scholarship limits (which I admit Bama gets around with grey shirts and Juco transfers), recruiting, early NFL enrollees, and parity in college football today where kids transfer if they're second string....Saban is definitely better than Leahy.
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