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  1. Sheffter reported Wu fell in draft because of a heart issue.
  2. Just recently read that every national champion in the playoff era has had 5 or more 1st round picks. Do you see any ND recruiting class with 5 first rounders or even a combination of 2 classes?
  3. I would like Buchner to be given a fair chance to win the job. My fear is they pick Pyne and after 2 years of sitting Buchner transfers just as Jurkovek did. They keep stating Buchner did not play in games last season and now they are asking him to sit another season or more.
  4. Fickell needs to prove himself at a power 5 school before he is rated higher. Many thought Scott Frost would turn Nebraska around after his great run at UCF but it is not that easy in Power 5 conferences unless you get a job at one of the top tier schools where you can recruit against the traditional powers. Cincinnati has an edge over many group of 5s with a solid recruiting base in Ohio just as UCF had in Florida.
  5. Would anyone else like to see Porter Moser replace Brey when Brey is done in South Bend. He is from Illinois, recognizes talent and gets the best out of it. Has been to a final 4 and is giving 1 seed Illinois all they can handle today. Also his teams really compete on defense.
  6. In todays world where players transfer if they aren't starting by year 3, I think Angeli is a good pick up. If Buchner is the real deal Angeli might be more willing to sit 3 years. The staff just needs to follow up with another high 4 star next year. I think this news was hard for some fans to take because Allar looks much more exciting on film and a few writers said he has a higher ceiling. Angeli is never going to be Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields but he can develop into a Mac Jones if they get him some playmakers at wr and rb
  7. One time throwing the ball in the corner is on the players. Every time after that is on the coaches. 4 defenders against 3 ND offensive players and they didn't look up the floor nor did the 2 players in the back flash to the ball. Honestly, we all know they should have been better prepared for the press after blowing the Georgia Tech game.
  8. Looks like he is recruiting Jyaire Brown a cb commit for Ohio State.
  9. I have loved ND's independence for over 50 years as a fan but after seeing all of the recognition the players, coaches and team achieved from being a member of the ACC this year I would like to see them join the conference full time. From 1966 to 1977 the Irish won 3 national titles and had numerous All Americans and I thought it would last forever. Times have changed and the young men at ND deserve a chance to play for Conference championships and attain all of the awards that go along with being in a conference. I truly enjoyed the journey through the ACC this season. Like all of you, I wanted a different outcome in Charlotte but I think coaches and players understand the bar they need to reach when you play the elite every year. Continue to play Clemson until you beat them - then and only then will the Irish make believers of all the doubters.
  10. I agree Francus. Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones, Justin Fields and Kyle Track are not knuckleheads. There are plenty of quality quarterbacks that meet NDs academic standards. Do you think it is coincidence that Dabo, Saban and Day\Urban get big time quarterbacks? The highest rated quarterback ND has recruited under Rees was Jurkoveck and they let him go. Rees needs to do etter than projects. Maybe Buchner is the answer - we will see.
  11. Don't believe this is stupid. He went to a private high school, then Vandy. He coached at private Universities in Wake Forest and ND. Culture and Environment that fit him seem to be what he wants. Also there are many coaches that just enjoy coaching and not having the pressure of trying to win national titles. A winning season every year is satisfying at many universities. 8- 4 is celebrated at places like Vandy where other places they are calling for the coaches job. Look at Ferentz at Iowa. Solid program but not a national contender. Enjoy building relationships and the adventure that coaching is.
  12. I certainly hope this is not true. He has recruited most of the 21 class to ND. Can't the administration give this kid a break? Kelly has to go to bat for him!
  13. Also missed McKinley on a drag pattern on 1st down inside the 5 yard line on the game tying drive against Clemson. I feel like his size impedes him from seeing over lineman that are 5 or 6 inches taller than Ian. His movement in the pocket with his eyes downfield was one of the keys to that big win though.
  14. Have to disagree with you here. If you go back to last years playoff game vs OSU with Clemson trailing 16-0 it was Lawrence who turned the game around and he did it with 2 long runs. OSU was containing Etiene and the passing game so Lawrence changed the momentum with his legs. He is a better runner than given credit for.
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