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  1. For some - if we don't win every game, then BK is a bust. Well what ND coach not named Rockne or Leahy was able to go undefeated year after year. Ara had his detractors as did Lou. This is the pressure ND fans put on their coaches. If you don't believe BK is a good coach, no one can make you a believer. I know he is a good coach based on what I see on the field. This year is not so pretty bc Golson is not here - but absent bad play by Tommy this year we should be undefeated again going into these last 2 games. Bad QB play has burned us... I know bad coaching and I believe this is n
  2. I concur. If Echo hadn't been teaching Golson to use his progression skills for open receivers during tests, this season wouldn't have been a bust.
  3. Waiting for the "You can't spell Choke without Hoke" T-shirts...
  4. Excellent game and one of the best ND games I ever saw. It was also my future brother-in-law's first college football game...as an aside - who would plan a wedding for the day of the ND-Miami game?
  5. I say kill the leprechaun, bring back the dog...(our senior year chant...)
  6. No way he is playing this year absent injury to anyone else that can take snaps. I would rather go wildcat before we play him...
  7. Should either do it all the time or not at all...I would actually prefer to go back to the way it used to be with it being dead last and not have the team participate at all...
  8. Where did you guys hold the tailgate? I was wandering by a group with my wife and couple of our kids and said I think those could be the domer domain dudes. It was after the game and late, so I didn't stop by to say hi. Banner day though for tailgating - I was looking for one that I never found, but ran into 4 other tailgaters with people I knew well. At least we tailgate like champions....
  9. BK has screwed the pooch on this decision. The Alma Mater was written after the death of Knute Rockne and played for the first time at his funeral. If that doesn't epitomize loss to ND, I don't know wtf does...
  10. I was at the ND-MI game where they called the penalty on the crowd for being too loud lol. I had forgotten about that so thanks for the clip. The crowd gets loud when it is a close exciting game...been at a lot of the top games at ND since '77 - loud for '77 USC, loud for '88 Miami, '88 MI, '88 Penn State, Florida State, etc. I always remember it being loud during Ara, Devine and then Holtz. Big problem is the stupid timeout delays as they killed the crowd noise. Also, we've sucked so much since Holtz - people became trained to just take it and not be loud. Put a good team on the
  11. Haven't been on a lot this year and don't know what all the issues are, but without counting wins/losses - big picture: from what I see ND is competitive in games again on a weekly basis. I didn't agree with every call Ara or Lou made, but at least I knew ND would battle til the end and not be blown out. I haven't had that feeling since Lou left. I don't agree with every decision BK makes, but he has gotten us to the point where we are winning consistently...
  12. Mine is self evident...some guy down the block kept calling me chiro and said I was double the domer he was
  13. I know Greg and wish I had been on here in the past month to know that he was MIA. Probably could've saved everyone the heartache and found out his status a lot sooner perhaps. Now I'm wondering where the heck I've been that I haven't checked this site in way too long...
  14. Nice update OK. Have to laugh b/c Gabe graduated with my nephew, and at the state semi finals the announcer couldn't pronounce his name very well and it sounded like 'gay biker' to my kids. They kept saying who is the gay biker they keep mentioning.
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