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  1. That was a Dennis Green led Stanford team. The Walsh loss was in 1992.
  2. attending the Stanford game this weekend? Looking for some pregame tailgate parties. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone with info could send it my way. Thanks... Go Irish!
  3. Tirico is great! Flutie is not! BQ not that good and super annoying Mayock was awesome but people didn't like the x's & o's I guess.
  4. This is also the home opener. Irish 8-1 in home openers under Kelly. Only loss the debacle vs USF in 2011. In those 9 games avg score... ND 32.1, Opp. 13.4. Since 2013 ND is 6-0 in home openers with only 1 game, Michigan 2018, being less than a 3 TD margin. AVG score in home openers since 2013... ND 37.6, Opp. 11.5
  5. 100% agree. I do think we definitely have more depth than in past seasons.
  6. Apparently Dexter Lawrence an OL and TE all failed drug tests.
  7. Glad we got back at Bama for taking Irv Smith Jr.!
  8. I drink a beer for each point ND scores. It was a rough couple days after Wake!
  9. Armstrong's TD reminded me of a play Holtz would run to Jeff Burris around the goal line back in the day. Marc Edwards got that call from any spot on the field.
  10. Cuse defense gives up a ton of big plays. ND does not. This is per Tim Prister 60-yd plays allowed: ND 0, Syr. 8 50-yd plays allowed: ND 2, Syr. 13 40-yd plays allowed: ND 5, Syr. 19 30-yd plays allowed: ND 10, Syr. 24 Cuse 64 plays over 30-yards (6.4/game) ND 17 plays over 30-yards (1.7/game) That is a huge differential. Get off to a good start and avoid turnovers especially ones that give Cuse a short field and the Irish should be okay. Also Cuse has struggled a bit scoring TDs in RedZone 63 RedZone Poss. 37 TD 58.7% Hold them to Field Goals and ND wins t
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