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  1. Hey! Just go to Ticketmaster, find the game and use this promo code: 648279



  2. Hey buddy I’m interested in the presale code you talked about.

  3. I have a promo code for our opener against Louisville. This code gives you access to the presale before the tickets go on sale to the public on Tuesday. I want to share this code with my fellow Irish fans in case any of you were considering going. I got my tickets and I hope there is a strong Irish presence in the stadium on Labor Day! If you're interested in the code, please send me a PM and I'll get it to you. The presale is happening now! GO IRISH!
  4. The 2018 edition of Notre Dame Football has fire, heart & pride. They are tight and play for each other. I have no doubt that they will do their part. I also think our coaching is as solid as it's been in quite a while. Get improved play from the O-line and make adjustments BEFORE halftime and we have a real shot against Clemson. Go Irish!
  5. I'm very interested in knowing the date too. I have a family trip in mid-April and figured I wouldn't be able to make it this year as a result. I could make it on the 22nd so I'm rooting for that date!
  6. REPORT: Chip Long from Memphis to be ND's new OC
  7. Eric Hansen: "Confirming @SIPeteThamel's report. Associate head coach Mike Denbrock is leaving #NotreDame to be Offensive Coordinator at U of Cincinnati."
  8. I was at both Michigan & Stanford in 2012....I still swear I felt the stadium shake during the Stanford game. I was so pleased with the crowd that day....usually I'm very disappointed.
  9. oooooh, Gotcha... Actually, I grew up elsewhere in Ohio and am a relatively recent resident of the Cincinnati area so I don't have loyalties to either school. As for ND....can it get any worse? I sure hope not. Personally, I'm a huge Kelly supporter. Why? Because he's our coach. I don't agree with a lot of his decisions, but I want him to succeed because that means that ND is succeeding. I hope things turn around, but it's getting increasingly more difficult to see that happening.
  10. I don't know that this necessarily influences anything...but it's certainly one more thing that could possibly lead to Kelly's departure even if it's by his own choice. Not necessarily devastating news, but things are pretty bad right now and even one more little thing in the news is tough.
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