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  1. Somebody relatively young that can recruit their *** off. You can't win when outgunned as badly as we are at some positions.
  2. I can't remember a player being as uncoverable as Devonta Smith. He embarrassed the OSU DBs too and everyone in the SEC. It was like he was invisible until he got the ball to run in untouched, again.
  3. He's def a NFL player and probably already has shown everything he has. He'll stick as he is a tough MF.
  4. Would have been an even bigger winning margin for Smith then. He is incredible.
  5. Also the difference a legit, first round talent at QB makes cannot be underestimated. This is by far Kelly's greatest failure imo. Book is a deer in headlights whenever playing an aggressive defense. The receivers also get very little separation which has to improve with the current freshman and incoming class next year. How can a very highly rated receiver like Jordan Johnson not even see the field with the average play ahead of him?
  6. Our corners are not good. Playing against upper echelon receivers magnifies it but they struggle against any bit of legit speed.
  7. We face two of the finalists. That's about all I care about and how they may be stopped. Not likely.
  8. These two positions. i'd like to see a freshman receiver break out one year. Next years sophomores must get better.
  9. Notre Dame historically would pull a lot of public money. That line being so big tells you a little more than just trying to even up books. Having said that I thought the line was way high for the first game and it was bet down nearer to game time.
  10. 10.5 opening is a huge line. It says the gap between the teams is pretty wide according to the bettors.
  11. Precisely. He'll be a capable hire for a large D1 program when he's ready to jump
  12. They did just allow a girl play so they are quite polite. Vandy is rubbish football. Lea would be out of his mind to wallow down there. Wait a year and go hunt a big time program.
  13. Agreed. They said she was even kicking FGs as long as 38 yards in practice!! I could kick a 40 yard FG now in my work boots. They couldn't find anyone else with a semi live leg to do that job? Of course they could but they knew they were getting walloped and went for the free PR instead. It is a completely bogus story.
  14. I'm sure they thought the same after ND beat Louisville by 4. They are sleep walking through this game and still 14 points up. Be careful what you wish for.
  15. ND has a decent slate under it's belt to get to then next level. They will find a way to make the playoffs happen. I for one don't give a flying **** if this gets to a playoff and some nerds want to *** the winner. Bring it on!!
  16. I only read this yesterday. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30331494/deep-deep-hole-6-year-unraveling-florida-state-football Clemson is referenced.. a LOT. I'm not a tin foil hat guy but It does smell fishy. Like they know the implications here of not playing and how it could completely fcuk Clemson over who have stolen their thunder in the ACC..
  17. Because they are dead or in jail. The place still stinks.
  18. Well said. There should be no forgiveness for what was allowed to happen there.
  19. I don't see it but I'll hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  20. I very much enjoyed that game but I'll really roar if we can back it up in the ACC championship game. I fear they'll really lay it on the next time out with a healthy roster. Lawrence was not even their biggest loss tonight. Then we need to do it again in the playoffs.
  21. Students are even dumber than we gave them credit for.
  22. It doesn't feel like an all time win. We play these guys again in what, 6 weeks maybe? It's only the first half and I'm sure they cannot wait to get healthy and steamroll us on a neutral field. The invasion was mind numbingly dumb and takes away from the achievement of winning a regular season game.
  23. Storming the field was really not required not just for the obvious covid reasons. We are pretty much nailed on to see these guys again soon and they'll relish dishing out payback. Act like you've been there before.
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