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  1. So again, you are absolutely full of ****. https://www.verywellhealth.com/pfizer-vaccine-prevents-covid-transmission-5116193
  2. The J&J vaccine is just one of several options on the market now and I don't believe they have even rolled it out yet? The above excuse therefore absolutely reeks of BS as the mRNA does not come from aborted babies cells. Come up with a real reason please and stop using this complete horse manure to cover up your ignorance. I'd happily accept someone saying no, I don't want to take it. I'd vehemently disagree with their take on it but they have a right to take a stand. Using the nonsense as quoted above though just takes the cake. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/di
  3. Somebody relatively young that can recruit their *** off. You can't win when outgunned as badly as we are at some positions.
  4. I can't remember a player being as uncoverable as Devonta Smith. He embarrassed the OSU DBs too and everyone in the SEC. It was like he was invisible until he got the ball to run in untouched, again.
  5. Sorry, no excuses for voting for this cretin twice and realising only now that he's a monster. The same tired rambles are being put out by the GOP even today. Don't impeach, we need unity blah blah blah. Trump has lived his entire life without suffering the consequences of his actions. To impeach him should be to purge him from the party and politics in general and allow the GOP to hopefully come back a little bit more the centre. Only that may help things move forward.
  6. He's def a NFL player and probably already has shown everything he has. He'll stick as he is a tough MF.
  7. She was inside Capitol Hill and was shot after smashing a window and aiming to enter further into the building where sitting senators and congressman were present. Don't play with fire kids. She was most certainly not shot by a police officer. It's ridiculous to even contemplate conflating issues here.
  8. None of this is a surprise btw as it is what Republicans have allowed to happen and Trump loyalists have stoked the flames to encourage. So if you hear words on news channels that GOP members are shocked, disgusted at todays events they are just words - they had many chances to rebuke this President and this is what happens. Todays events are exactly what he wanted. A very dark day. Also where are the National Guard and quasi military police today when they were actually needed? Rioters should never have gotten within 500 yards of the Capitol.
  9. There is no nuance to a full scale riot and take over of Capitol Hill. Trying to explain that away as you need to understand where they are coming from... come on.
  10. Would have been an even bigger winning margin for Smith then. He is incredible.
  11. Also the difference a legit, first round talent at QB makes cannot be underestimated. This is by far Kelly's greatest failure imo. Book is a deer in headlights whenever playing an aggressive defense. The receivers also get very little separation which has to improve with the current freshman and incoming class next year. How can a very highly rated receiver like Jordan Johnson not even see the field with the average play ahead of him?
  12. Our corners are not good. Playing against upper echelon receivers magnifies it but they struggle against any bit of legit speed.
  13. We face two of the finalists. That's about all I care about and how they may be stopped. Not likely.
  14. These two positions. i'd like to see a freshman receiver break out one year. Next years sophomores must get better.
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