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  1. Tua was in 2 consecutive Natty games and he's 6 ft, come on man.
  2. Tua was in two Natty games and he is 6 ft, come on man.
  3. Neither did Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes so what's your point?
  4. Don't know for sure but just maybe he is trying to find a Kylar Murray, Drew Brees, Russel Wilson, or Lamar Jackson. Those guys are likely too short though.:biggrin1:
  5. We can win this game, there is enough talent to do this.
  6. Sadly the fans are laying all the blame on the coaches, but if you take a close look at the players, a lot of them aren't really very good, especially the lines and their secondary. This isn't a very talented team by Michigan standards.
  7. As someone has pointed out these are not 4 year scholarships, they are one year renewable. Even academic schollies come with conditions, such as GPS maintenance, moral clauses etc. If you are out in the work force and can't cut it, you will be fired. If you fail in a marriage, she might take a walk on you. I see some people criticizing Kelly for not winning this or that and he needs to build his roster with better players to do so. When he does he gets flamed for that too. At least this young man still had the chance to get a valuable education out of the deal.
  8. Well they just announced they are not playing out of conference games, there goes the Wisky game and my bet it we won't see college football in the fall anyhoo.
  9. Harry Hiestand just got fired by the Bears for all you calling for a new OL coach.
  10. If OU can kick 12 field goals in the 2nd half and hold LSU scoreless they could come back and win. #sarcasm
  11. I spend time in West Des Moines, having relatives there and both Iowa and Iowa St fans are some of the best I've ever been around. Good people. And Des Moines if you've never been is a progressive and fun city.
  12. Who was the only coach to defeat Utah in a regular season game this year?
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