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  1. OFFENSE QB- Brady Quinn RB- Julius Jones/Jonas Gray (SR) Z- Michael Floyd X- Jeff Samardzija Y- Golden Tate TE- Tyler Eifert OT- Ronnie Stanley/Zack Martin OG- Trevor Robinson/Chris Watt C- Jeff Faine DEFENSE DE- Justin Tuck/Stephon Tuitt DT- Trevor Laws/Louis Nix Mike LB- Manti Te'o Strongside LB - Prince Shembo Weakside LB -Jaylon Smith CB- KeiVarae Russell/Shane Walton S- Tom Zbikowski/Harrison Smith SPECIAL TEAMS KR: George Atkinson III/Arnaz Battle PR: Tom Zbikowski
  2. Funny that when I saw "Sources: Marijuana reason Texans cut 3" on ESPN I knew Cierre was one of them.
  3. Gold stars: Davaris Daniels. Kid stepped up big time when we needed it. Deserves a lot of credit for helping us win. Tommy Rees. Third 300 yard passing game to start the season and showed up when it counted most. He has his flaws but he's playing well enough to get us some wins. Cam McDaniel. Cam is a BA. What a tough son of a gun. He grinded hard this game and played harder than anyone on the field. He also gets kudos for having a classy post game interview. Frownies: Offensive line. We just haven't been able to establish a run game so far. O-line needs to step up. They went in the rig
  4. My thoughts are with him and his family. So young. Such a tragic loss.
  5. I truly believe this team is a BCS caliber team. It's not blind homerism. We have talent across the board, we have one of the best coaching staffs in the country, and from what we know, a pretty favorable schedule. I'm feeling good going ahead with the season. Plus, I waited too long over the offseason with all the drama to get sad over 1 loss. I knew this team wasn't going undefeated. Now that's out of the way. Let's go beat Purdue.
  6. GAIII = misdirection & HB draw or kickoff returns. Do NOT throw to him. I cannot stress this enough.
  7. Wake me up when this weekend is over. ND got smacked around by Michigan, the Browns lost the season opener, and the Indians blew a critical game today just as we were catching up in the wild card race. Oh, and I'm getting destroyed by a freaking 10 year old in fantasy football right now. I NEED A DRINK!
  8. Could have sworn he said he was never a vocal leader/captain type. But I could be wrong.
  9. True, but if the defense played better in the first half Tommy and co. wouldn't be desperately trying to catch up. Again, boneheaded throw that shouldn't have happened, but I'm not ready to hang the loss on him. He played well otherwise which impressed me with the pressure he was getting throughout the game. It was the defense's fault and Kelly's dumb playcalling. 41 points is inexcusable and I expect WAY more from the talent we have and Diaco in control. We should have run the ball more, especially down the stretch. If you have the horses in your stable, let them loose.
  10. Gold stars: Jaylon Smith. Kid is going to be good and handled himself well in the limelight. Troy Niklas. Came up big on a lot of plays. Want to see him more in the passing game. TJ Jones. Showed toughness and is emerging as our go-to guy on offense. Amir Carlisle. Liked what I saw again from him. He needs the ball more. Frowny faces: Brian Kelly. 4th down and you call a dumb bubble screen. WTF? RUN THE BALL. Also, declining that holding penalty was stupid. He'll learn from this. Secondary. Everyone. We got torched and just didn't have an answer all game. It was repulsive to watch.
  11. I was talking about Hendrix to the guy who was saying he was pre-med.
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